A Week in the Snow

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  2. Snow Ready Fitness
  3. Mt Buller ski resort, snow season starts early with free skiing

Strong arms help with pole-planting and will make traversing across the snow easier. Snowboarders: increased arm strength helps with balance and stability and can save you from a fall. Strong arm muscles will help you pick yourself up in the event of a fall, and, once a qualified instructor increased strength in your arms helps you to assist students who may have had a tumble.

Strong abdominal and lower back muscles help to support your spine on the slopes, this is especially important when skiing or snowboarding down moguls, steeps or in deep snow. Having a strong core will help maintain balance on the mountain, the abdominals and hip musculature are there for one of the most important muscle groups for any snow-enthuiast to focus on.

Whilst skiing, your body is in a flexed, bent over position so your back has to work really hard to protect your spine from injury — a strong, well conditioned core is key. The same is true for snowboarding, especially with all the turning required.


A weak core will open up a lot of problems, especially for the spine, so we really need to build strength in our core and back to prevent this from happening. Both skiing and snowboarding require strong balance to remain an upright position whilst speeding downhill. A winter athlete with strong balance is also less likely to sustain an injury as the risk of falling is decreased.

Balance can be trained by performing single leg activities such as squats and heel raises. Agility is also important for winter sports due to the need for the body to constantly adjust to changes in direction at varying speeds.

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X Hop workouts will help you increase your foot speed, explosiveness and agility. Those heading for the terrain park on their days off from training will definitely see the benefits from balance, agility and core training. Hi all! Or you can suggest places near Tbilisi that has snow.

Normally when the snow starts? Thanks a lot for the information!

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Hello, Most of the time it starts snowing after 25th of December. But simetimes there is no snow at all during the January even.

Snow Ready Fitness

Every year never the same It depends on the season, generally Tbilisi is not full of snow. Both of them are ski resorts, but they are open for skiing from 25th of December. Just check when you come here, to Georgia , and have alternate plans if we have sunny winter. Otherwise, for that period it's quite easy to arrange your stay, so just remind and contact, we are here to help you. Thanks a lot, very exciting Thanks again Kuwait City. Please check the below link, you can find the contact according to your citizenship country.

For UAE citizens no visa required, but if you are just residing there - need to check you country requirements. This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity.

Mt Buller ski resort, snow season starts early with free skiing

We hope you'll join the conversation by posting to an open topic or starting a new one. We remove posts that do not follow our posting guidelines, and we reserve the right to remove any post for any reason. Blizzard conditions are possible. Meteorologist Heather Tesch says areas of the Northern Rockies could see several feet of snow into the first part of the coming week.

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A Minnesota state trooper had trouble staying on his feet while investigating an accident during Winter Storm Wesley. The Winter of One to Remember. Meteorologist Ari Sarsalari looks back at some of the worst of the winter weather. Scorecard for Winter of The Weather Channel's winter weather expert Tom Niziol looks back on this past winter.