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  • Sold Out Item series. Bawling my eyes out! So many books are all rainbows and sunshine and happily ever after, as though nothing bad really happens. This series is just the opposite. Bad things happen, and the characters look for the light, the silver lining, and they pick up the pieces as well as they can. I've cried happy tears and sad tears and angry tears, but never so many tears as the last few chapters.

    Without giving any spoilers, I couldn't imagine a better ending. Things happen, people are lost and found, and Bawling my eyes out!


    Things happen, people are lost and found, and in the end perseverance and love are what bring you through. You can overcome anything short of death. May 12, Ace marked it as lost-interest. The first novel was such a colossal disappointment that I do not care for the next two novels. I just cannot sit and force myself to read the writing from Branded once again.

    I read for pleasure; not for pain. I do however want to know what happens in the end, without all the whining and annoyance that came with the first novel. I know people hate spoilers, but in this case, feel free to spoil away. View all 6 comments. May 27, Emily rated it it was amazing. More tears!! This last book of the series was amazing. I am so glad that I picked this series up and gave it a chance.

    The way everything worked out was so incredible. I am in awe of this author. This series is a new favorite of mine and one I would for sure read again. Oh my goodness! I've loved Lexi and Cole, since I picked up Branded. They have had a very intense couple of years, with all the questions being answered; the T's crossed and the I's dotted!

    The culmination of the horrid things they have both had to live with, the friendships they made and subsequently lost.

    Their family members, even those not blood, or who they thought they were. Cole and Lexi were a formidable team, and they Oh my goodness! Cole and Lexi were a formidable team, and they grew into each other, they were there or each other, were each others hidden strength and that beautiful creature that is Zeus, what an amazing ally to have in your corner.

    This has had me going through a myriad of emotions, felt all the pain they were both feeling. Blooming Heck! Wow, what an amazing journey Lexi and Cole have endured.

    e-book (Sin)thetic (The (Sin) Chronicles Book 3)

    The Remembrance Room with such poignant memories, I feel honoured to have experienced their journey with them, to meeting their children and extended families. The emotional funeral of a much loved friend, to the regeneration of life after The Hole, and now the sweet little pup that is Buckwheat.

    Fabulous page turner. Loved every minute of this series.

    Three books were unnecessary. This could have been wrapped up in two books. The second book was a waste of time. All they did was run, hide, cry, get shot at, run, cry, get shot at, ect, ect. The third one was OK. It was still nothing great. Nothing was shocking; the plot twists didn't really do anything for me. The whole secret Cole had was just meh. They drug it out. This whole series was drug out.

    The first book was good, I really enjoyed it. Then Three books were unnecessary.

    Psycho-Pass Sinners of the System Synthetic Leather Pass Case Shinya Kogami (Anime Toy)

    Then it got boring and I couldn't wait to finish so I could finally be done with it. By the end of the second book I was so done with Lexi. I got to the point that I hated her. How in tf do you lose that many damn packs and guns?! Like damn, girl, can you stop losing the cans of beans?! You know how many times she tripped and lost a gun or a knife?! I was just done with her and the story. Nov 27, bookgeek rated it really liked it. Honestly there were parts that felt like they dragged and then it gets moving and is full of twist and turns.

    Some things were predictable, but added to the story line. I loved going on the journey with Lexi and Cole, these stories really make you either love or hate the characters and you form a bind. I must warn you have tissues for this one because imagine being stabbed, then have the knife twisted, and for good measure toss a little salt on it. All in all a great read for any dystopian lover!!!

    Book Series

    Nov 30, Erin rated it did not like it. I am so glad this is over! There was so many inconsistencies. Some as simple as having a head shaved then three pages later there is hair again and then they seem to remember that oops that head was shaved so it was gone again a page later. The amount of crying in this book is also insane. Aug 22, Priscilla Kraut rated it did not like it Shelves: dnf.

    Ian Fleming’s Seven Deadlier Sins: SNOBBERY | Artistic Licence Renewed

    I just couldn't force myself to get anymore. Jul 04, Holly Jones rated it really liked it Shelves: dystopian , read-in This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I really enjoyed this book!